I am honored that you are here and are reading. Many of you are friends and fans of mine when I was very active in the Paranormal Research. During my years researching the paranormal I noticed that I ended up with a camera of some sort in my hand. Having this experience working with cameras and knowing the paranormal subject matter, is was only a matter of time before paranormal reality contacted me for appearances on camera.

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Appearing on camera as well as worked on many sets behind the scenes as a consultant, lighting tech, grip, gaffer, and many other positions began my career in the entertainment industry. With this experience I decided to enter into film school, after all I had some experience I just need to fine tune the craft. When I decided to enter into film school there were many choices ranging from local to international. After researching for weeks a close friend told me about Nashville Film Institute in Franklin, Tennessee and it was a perfect match for me.

In 2012 I graduated Nashville Film Institute with a certificate in Cinema Production as a result is landed me several high end jobs in Nashville, Atalanta, as well as in Haiti. This was my building blocks and foundation that allowed me to become the talented and creative thinking person that I am today.

Being exposed to the paranormal since 1999, it was my driving force that led me to find out what happens to us when we die. The search for answers is still going on even today. However what this search did to me Β was, it made me search for God. This search lead me down the path to the Old Catholic Church. When I found the Old Catholic Church I knew I have found my spiritual place.

In 2009 I entered into the United States Old Catholic Church’s seminary where I stayed active in study and research until 2011. In early October 2011 I decided that the USOCC was not for me and after many weeks of discernment and spiritual direction from a priest not attached to the USOCC, I resigned as a seminarian and as the Administrator of the Paranormal Clergy.Β I am currently studying theology on an independent level and have became associated with The White Robed Monks which is an Old Catholic Benedictine Order and currently plan on continuing this path.


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